Square and Rectangular Formwork

Abzac has developed a patented formwork system called “Ecoform”.

Ecoform increases safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Ecoform makes it profitable for the contractor when utilizes on any column, visible or not, whether the shape is square, rectangular or oval.

This system minimizes crane time and greatly decreases the usual risks connected with the columns formwork.


  • Forms are pre-made as specified, loaded on your truck or delivered to your site when needed for each floor.

  • Each form is put in place in few minutes. No need for release form oil or steel clamps.

  • Upper floor level is made and then, each adjustable top is cut to each specific height and insert in the standard base unit.

  • Armature of steel is finalized and upper “decking” is completed.

  • Forms being solidly retained at the base and maintained aligned by the upper decking, concrete can be poured in the forms while workings for the top slab continue.

  • Once the concrete has sufficiently set up, the forms can be removed by cutting the steel bands. The adjustable top part remains in place until pouring of the upper slab.

  • Same dimensions panels are stacked together, attached in packages of 20 panels, and ready to be picked up.

Plastic corners are made from recycled material and panels can be reused several times. All columns have perfect chamfered corners and the quality marble finish is appreciated by the architects and concrete professionals.

The lower column is a standard form and the upper one is Abzac's Ecoform column.
Time savings :

As forms of upper slab are in place when pouring the columns, all the columns can be poured the same day.

Labour savings :
Setting up forms being made by general labour, carpenters can do more specialized work.

Indirect costs savings :
By saving time for setting up forms, pouring concrete and formworks removal, it also means lower costs of all rented equipments from security fences to lift truck, crane, trucks, etc.

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